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blood clot

[ bluhd klot ]


  1. a mass of coagulated blood, as within a blood vessel or at the site of an open wound.

blood clot

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Word History and Origins

Origin of blood clot1

First recorded in 1780–90

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Example Sentences

It’s how experts were able to identify that the AstraZeneca vaccine carries a small risk of a rare blood clot condition called thrombocytopenia syndrome.

The benefits of the Johnson & Johnson product rose dramatically for older men, preventing 11,800 covid-19 hospitalizations, compared with seven or eight cases of Guillain-Barré and no cases of blood clots.

The Janssen vaccine has had a tough rollout, marked with controversy over the extremely uncommon side effect of blood clots and a possible link to a rare neurological disorder.

For the J&J shot, it includes both a slightly higher risk of developing blood clots and Guillain-Barré syndrome, an auto immune condition in which the immune cells attack the body’s nerve cells.

From Time

Just three months ago, federal officials paused use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after it was linked to another rare side effect — severe blood clots.

Surgeons drilled a small hole in his skull and removed the blood clot.

And so far I see scant evidence that anything changed after she suffered a blood clot in December 2012.

That led to a blood clot forming between her brain and skull.

I had triple the normal rate of venous thromboembolism—a blood clot forming disorder—and an elevated risk for male breast cancer.

The result is a rapidly enlarging blood clot, called a hematoma.

It was a completely unforeseeable thing—a blood clot broke loose in a vein, and lodged in his brain.

His tunic was open, and a huge blood-clot hung like a dark handkerchief out of a slit in his white shirt.

He decided to leave his hand unbandaged, letting it bleed as much as it would and the blood clot naturally.

The importance of removing blood and blood-clot from the peritoneal cavity is demonstrated on p. 98.

An embolus occupied the pulmonary artery, resembling a blood-clot found in the left common and internal iliac veins.





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