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/ ˈblʌdˌsteɪnd /


  1. stained by or covered in blood
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Example Sentences

Lying on the pavement as blood stained my shirt and streamed down my leg, I thought a piece of glass had cut me.

For if they had, the history of the Republic would have been far less happy and far more blood-stained.

The improbable and blood-stained scoundrel Joseph Fouché brought down Robespierre and the Reign of Terror in 1794.

The whole figure is clearly legible, except for the feet, which disappear into blood-stained nothingness.

I helped him bury the blood-stained knife and the keys under dirt and stones beside the garden wall.

I straightened his arms, and covered his face with the blood-stained coat and left him to his long sleep.

Rollo ran down the streets of tents, a thousand eyes upon the thundering black horse and his blood-stained rider.

Blood-stained bandages of linen around his right arm and leg betokened two recent wounds.

He who breathes his last over there, lying in his blood-stained bath, has never known this sacred flame.

He took the little white feather from his hatbrim and attached it to Winfree's tattered, blood-stained tunic.