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[ bluhd-thur-stee ]


  1. eager to shed blood; murderous:

    to capture a bloodthirsty criminal.

    Synonyms: pitiless, merciless, bloody, brutal, savage, homicidal

  2. enjoying or encouraging bloodshed or violence, especially as a spectator or clamorous partisan:

    the bloodthirsty urgings of the fight fans.


/ ˈblʌdˌθɜːstɪ /


  1. murderous; cruel
  2. taking pleasure in bloodshed or violence
  3. describing or depicting killing and violence; gruesome

    a bloodthirsty film

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Derived Forms

  • ˈbloodˌthirstily, adverb
  • ˈbloodˌthirstiness, noun

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Other Words From

  • bloodthirsti·ly adverb
  • bloodthirsti·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bloodthirsty1

First recorded in 1525–35; blood + thirsty

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Example Sentences

Vampire bats may be bloodthirsty, but that doesn’t mean they can’t share a drink with friends.

Biting a new wound can take 10 to 40 minutes, Carter says, so sharing with a friend could save these bloodthirsty bats time and energy.

The mosquito population doesn’t shrink or grow less bloodthirsty, so this approach might not appeal to Floridians anyway.

Human beings, it seems, are a peculiarly bloodthirsty species.

We are never going to give up our love for democracy, nor its vitality, nor are we going to let this country be dominated by the insurrectionists who came to this place to do nothing but act in a bloodthirsty manner.

Bloodthirsty calls for revenge have filled Facebook and Twitter.

All those bloodthirsty tweets and arcane exhortations and now we find out you were an advertising executive—an ad exec!

The Habsburg army, however, Watson contends, were exceptionally bloodthirsty.

His bloodthirsty fighters might be Baghdad's best hope of stopping the Islamic State.

“ISIS is pure barbarism, it is bloodthirsty,” Marchouch told The Daily Beast in an interview.

Maximian, a Pannonian peasant, betrayed the savageness of his nature by his bloodthirsty cruelty.

It was some little time before Clarence Tinling gave any opinion upon this bloodthirsty document.

I always thought,” the latter said, “that pumas were such bloodthirsty animals.

Sheppy has a standing feud with a neighbour's dog that is amusing rather than bloodthirsty.

In Scotland the hag of the south-west wind is similarly a bloodthirsty and fearsome demon.


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