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blow away


  1. to kill (someone) by shooting
  2. to defeat decisively

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Example Sentences

There is no cloud that, say, a documentary about the environment or a fundraiser at your home for Hillary Clinton can't blow away.

These are basically cowardly people who sneak up on one another and blow away their targets in imitation of Mafia gangsters.

You know that I come of tough fiber—of that old Creole race of Pontelliers that dry up and finally blow away.

He had decided to let it stand or blow away, as fortune might decide.

For the gold will turn to silver soon and all will blow away.

Dandelions are gone, except the whiteheads, and they would blow away before they got themselves settled in church, I am afraid.

She seems to draw me and draw me, and she wouldn't leave a single hair of me free to fall out and blow away—she'd keep it.





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