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blow out


  1. to extinguish (a flame, candle, etc) or (of a flame, candle, etc) to become extinguished
  2. intr (of a tyre) to puncture suddenly, esp at high speed
  3. intr (of a fuse) to melt suddenly
  4. tr; often reflexive to diminish or use up the energy of

    the storm blew itself out

  5. intr (of an oil or gas well) to lose oil or gas in an uncontrolled manner
  6. slang.
    tr to cancel

    the band had to blow out the gig

  7. blow one's brains out
    to kill oneself by shooting oneself in the head


  1. the sudden melting of an electrical fuse
  2. a sudden burst in a tyre
  3. the uncontrolled escape of oil or gas from an oil or gas well
  4. the failure of a jet engine, esp when in flight
  5. slang.
    a large filling meal or lavish entertainment

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Example Sentences

And that leads to a handful of blow-out, brutally honest, hard-to-watch fights between Maggie and Milo.

My father was a big De Palma fan, so I grew up with Carrie and Blow Out.

“Such disclosure could ‘blow out of the water’ any major political set pieces planned by No. 10” according to the newspaper.

Toll Brothers, the Pennsylvania-based luxury homebuilder, Tuesday morning reported a blow-out fourth quarter.

Last season, Elbaz celebrated his 10th anniversary helming Lanvin with a blow-out of a party and a big show.

Rather blow out your own brains than treat with enmity those who are your liberators.

They also know how to blow out and dress stale poultry, so as to make it look quite fresh and plump.

Collingwood's only answer was to blow out a cloud of smoke, to cross over to the sofa and throw himself upon it.

If I perceive anything doubtful, either in your actions or your words, I shall not hesitate to blow out your brains.

By "blow-out," Chub meant a lot of white quartz that was littering the ground in every direction.