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[ bloh-ing ]


  1. the sound of any vapor or gas issuing from a vent under pressure.
  2. Metallurgy. a disturbance caused by gas or steam blowing through molten metal.
  3. Also called blow mold·ing [bloh, mohl-ding]. a method of producing hollowware by injecting air under pressure into a molten mass, as of glass or plastic, and shaping the material within a mold.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of blowing1

before 1000; Middle English, Old English; blow 2, -ing 1

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Example Sentences

There was the cutting cold and the blowing snow and the frozen ham and cheese sandwiches that greeted them when they opened their packs.

From Time

Pack Wrangler's Windbreaker or a pair of their Utility pants to keep you dry and protect your skin from the bite of blowing sand.

The DWR coating stood up to light blowing snow during a ride in early February.

Winds are breezy from the north with gusts near 20-30 mph, likely causing blowing snow and reduced visibility, with temperatures mainly in the low 30s and wind chills stuck in the 20s.

United, Leicester and Spurs are all grindy teams to different degrees, while Chelsea could go on a monthlong run of blowing teams off the field and it wouldn’t shock me.

Dinner was a baroque affair, on the beach, a warm breeze gently blowing.

Hollywood might possibly fear North Korean sleeper cells capable of blowing up theaters that screen anti-Nork films.

Lindsey Graham can barely get ISIS out of his mouth before blowing his shpadoinkle and screeching "we may all get killed!"

That candidate, Joni Ernst, did herself no favors yesterday by blowing off the editorial board of The Des Moines Register.

Did Charlie Crist break the rules by having a fan blowing on his crotch during the Florida guberntorial debate?

But there was a breeze blowing, a choppy, stiff wind that whipped the water into froth.

It was a cloudy, stormy evening: high wind was blowing, and the branches of the trees groaned and creaked above our heads.

He laid it upon the floor, and took out a plaster mask, and brushing and blowing off the saw-dust, held it up.

Yet, so curiously constituted is the native mind, the blowing-up of the magazine was the final tocsin of revolt.

The Southern sun shone from a cloudless sky; a light, keen wind blowing from the distant snow-clad Canigou set the blood tingling.


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