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[ bloh-out ]


  1. a sudden bursting or rupture of an automobile tire.
  2. a sudden or violent escape of air, steam, or the like.
  3. a hollow formed in a region of shifting sands or light soil by the action of the wind.
  4. an uncontrollable escape of oil, gas, or water from a well.
  5. a service at a hair salon in which the hair is blow-dried and styled.
  6. Aeronautics. flame-out.
  7. Slang. a lavish party or entertainment.
  8. Slang. a decisive victory or defeat.
  9. blow·out sale [bloh, -out seyl] Slang. a sale featuring very large discounts.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of blowout1

First recorded in 1815–25; noun use of verb phrase blow out

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Example Sentences

He played on outmanned teams at Texas Tech, but he has not processed a blowout loss in the NFL.

In a blowout later in the season against Spingarn, Leftwich got to play and threw a touchdown pass.

In the Wizards’ first game with a mostly full roster since before the outbreak, they played dead in the first quarter, falling into an 18-point hole before their bench rescued the game from becoming a blowout.

The ionic motor ensures a frizz-free blowout in record time, making it the best hair dryer for curly hair.

According to Miller’s analytics, online betting sites underestimate the true strength of the Democrats in the two runoffs, while the polls wrongly predict blowout victories for both.

From Fortune

She, of course, also knew that Harry was on a predeployment blowout.

TLDR: Biden wins, Ryan average, VP debates don't matter unless it's a blowout.

Bowing Out: Jil Sander has opted out of the blowout fashion show format for her womenswear comeback in Milan this September.

In this part of the country we call it blowout—when the mouth opens up in the middle of a hill and shoots stuff out like a rifle.

With nearly two-thirds of the vote in, Maryland was shaping up as a Romney blowout, 48 to 30 percent.

Let's chip right in and make it an everlasting old blowout—kind of a new date in history.

"It's the blowout," the mother said, as Jerry looked at her for the first time.

It was no wonder that Jerry did not recognize in this caller the ranchman of the blowout.

You see, I'm leavin' for my home tomorrow and we're all goin' to have a little farewell blowout together tonight.

He consented, and the two boats were soon headed towards the beach; but the Fawn made three rods as often as the Blowout made one.


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