blue duck

  1. a mountain duck, Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos, of New Zealand having a mostly lead-blue plumage: Also called: (NZ) whio

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How to use blue duck in a sentence

  • Billy had a thought that perhaps some one had beat him to it with news from the blue duck, but he put it from him.

    The City of Fire | Grace Livingston Hill
  • The blue duck was a dance hall where liquor was sold on the quiet, and where unspeakable things happened every little while.

    The City of Fire | Grace Livingston Hill
  • Thus were pearls first created, and for this the blue duck received its lovely plumage.

  • He didn't like to go to the blue duck Tavern on account of his aunt.

    The City of Fire | Grace Livingston Hill
  • I have seen very good blue duck shooting on the Waimakiriri river, but 50 per cent.

    Station Amusements | Lady Barker