[ bloo-ahyd ]


  1. having blue eyes.
  2. having or representing childlike innocence.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of blue-eyed1

First recorded in 1600–10
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Example Sentences

Yeah, the “Giant man-puppy” that is Gronkowski won't hold a sexual candle to the blue-eyed dreamboat.

“Hell yeah,” he says with a smile and a piercing, blue-eyed stare.

For women who already fit into this ideal—white, thin, blond, blue-eyed women—beauty can be flouted.

The actor who plays Bassam—bearded, blue-eyed Englishman Adam Rayner—does what he can with the material, but it's not much.

As polite as the Gods were about it, this blue-eyed devil knew he was at the wrong table.

Mrs. Tom was very golden-haired and blue-eyed and pink and white, but none was further removed from insipidity than she.

Was Urania a fair, blue-eyed maiden, a dream of spring, an innocent but inquisitive daughter of Eve?

I am all by me, and my blue-eyed, dark-haired daughter here, with barred door I am much secured; but lonely so for darling Bruce.

I have consulted God and demigod; the nymph of the river, and what I far more admire and trust, my blue-eyed Minerva.

"Las Vegas, I've done my best for you—hitched you to thet blue-eyed girl the best I know how," he declared.





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