blue light

[ bloo-lahyt ]

  1. a band of the visible light spectrum that has a shorter wavelength and produces higher energy than other colors of light: occurring in sunlight and emitted by electronic devices that use LED technology.

  2. Also Blue Light .American History, Usually Disparaging. a member of a faction of the American Federalist party considered disloyal for opposing the War of 1812: so called from the claim that they flashed blue light signals to alert the British to the presence of blockade runners.

Origin of blue light

First recorded in 1810–15

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How to use blue light in a sentence

  • On the dahabeeyah, which began to look as if it were a long way off and were receding from her, shone a red and a blue light.

    Bella Donna | Robert Hichens
  • Slowly this ray paled, and its golden radiance faded to a pale blue light.

    Honey-Bee | Anatole France
  • A box near the coxswain a feet was opened, and a blue-light taken out.

  • Here and there were those that entered a shaft of pale-blue light that somehow outshone the sun.

  • Pale Blue—light part of Starling's quill feather for wings, pale yellow silk for body, pale yellow dun hackle for legs and tail.

    The Teesdale Angler | R Lakeland