[ bloo-red ]

  1. a color about midway between blue and red in the spectrum; purplish.

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How to use blue-red in a sentence

  • If Obama's strategy is to dial back the blue/red civil war to a detente, Franken's is to escalate it to World War III.

  • She is all covered with long reeds and lilies about her head and shoulders, and blue-red sparks fly up at every step.

  • It does not blue red-litmus paper, but nevertheless acts as a weak alkali, for it precipitates iron from its salts.

    Poisons: Their Effects and Detection | Alexander Wynter Blyth
  • The air snapped and tingled with a shower of blue-red sparks, and the acrid odor of the released gases settled down upon us.

    Brigands of the Moon | Ray Cummings
  • A long blue-red welt bisected the features obliquely—a welt from which red blood flowed freely at the corner of a swollen eye.

    The Gold Girl | James B. Hendryx
  • I keep getting glimpses of it through the bushes—white—blue—red and yellow.

    Angel Island | Inez Haynes Gillmore