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[ bloo-skahy ]


  1. fanciful; impractical:

    blue-sky ideas.

  2. (especially of securities) having dubious value; not financially sound:

    a blue-sky stock.



  1. modifier of or denoting theoretical research without regard to any future application of its result

    a blue-sky project


  1. to theorize (about something that may not lead to any practical application)

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Word History and Origins

Origin of blue-sky1

First recorded in 1890–95

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Example Sentences

They looked up into the blue sky as the helicopters flew over in a lost man formation.

The beauty of the blue-sky day ignored what had occurred 24 hours before.

It should not be forgotten that September 11th began as a beautiful blue sky day.

A single white ball arcs up into the baby blue sky before zooming back down to the ground at great speed.

For a moment, the gray plane recalled a thundercloud against the clear blue sky.

If it should ever be my lot to take the Long Trail at short notice, I hope it will be under a blue sky and a blazing sun.

David thought the farmer a fool, and rode on, admiring the blue sky uncheckered by a single cloud.

Above was a deep-blue sky with those thick low masses of snow-white clouds one sees only in Bavaria.

A light breeze fanned his face, and all around him he could see mountain peaks pushing upward into the clear blue sky.

But all around these star-clouds, or Nebulae as they are called, the clear blue sky is discovered by the naked eye.





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