blue state

[ bloo steyt ]


, U.S. Politics.
  1. a state of the U.S. that usually votes Democratic.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of blue state1

With reference to the color used on maps in televised coverage of the 2000 U.S. presidential election to show the states won by the Democratic candidate

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Example Sentences

If we adjust the daily figures for population, the gap between red and blue states becomes more pronounced.

You’ll notice that the red and blue lines are starting to bend back toward the middle, meaning that blue states have been making up a greater density of new cases and deaths in the past few weeks.

This widening gulf between red and blue states has reignited fears that politics is seriously undermining the nation’s vaccination efforts.

Not only is New Jersey a pretty blue state, but Murphy scored a 58 percent approval rating in a March survey conducted by Stockton University.

It’s a much more blue state that views Newsom positively on net.

Todd wanted to know how Walker managed to win a traditionally blue state, the same state President Barack Obama won twice.

There is weeping and gnashing of teeth in Blue State America today.

The disadvantage for the borough is its location in a big blue state.

In a very blue state, Scott Walker is not afraid to stick up for what he believes in.

At least two blue-state senators, Dianne Feinstein (CA) and Jeff Merkley (OR), have jumped on the “fix Obamacare” bandwagon.

Had it principal industries, like any red, or green, or blue state on that pedantic map?


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