[ bloo-ing ]
/ ˈblu ɪŋ /

noun Chemistry.

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Origin of blue

1250–1300; Middle English blewe < Anglo-French blew, bl(i)u, bl(i)ef blue, livid, discolored, Old French blo, blau (French bleu) < Germanic *blǣwaz; compare Old English blǣwen, contraction of blǣhǣwen deep blue, perse (see blae, hue1), Old Frisian blāw, Middle Dutch blā(u), Old High German blāo (German blau), Old Norse blār


14 happy.

Related forms

blue·ly, adverbblue·ness, nounhalf-blue, adjectiveun·blued, adjective

Can be confused

blew blue

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or blue·ing

[ bloo-ing ]
/ ˈblu ɪŋ /

noun Chemistry.

a substance, as indigo, used to whiten clothes or give them a bluish tinge.

Origin of bluing

First recorded in 1660–70; blue + -ing1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈbluːɪŋ) /


a blue material, such as indigo, used in laundering to counteract yellowing
the formation of a film of blue oxide on a steel surface

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/ (bluː) /


adjective bluer or bluest

verb blues, blueing, bluing or blued

See also blues

Derived Forms

bluely, adverbblueness, noun

Word Origin for blue

C13: from Old French bleu, of Germanic origin; compare Old Norse blār, Old High German blāo, Middle Dutch blā; related to Latin flāvus yellow

British Dictionary definitions for blueing (3 of 3)



/ (bluː) /


Australian informal a nickname for a person with red hair
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