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  1. Judy, born 1938, U.S. novelist.

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“It’s been one of the primary means over the last 500 years for people to challenge the legality of their continued detention,” Blume says.

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From 2005 and 2009, out of roughly 917 habeas corpus decisions issued by federal appeals courts that did not involve the death penalty, 154 petitioners were granted relief, according to an analysis by Blume and other Cornell scholars.

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Half of the habeas corpus cases that Blume argued in front of the Supreme Court were successful.

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On Monday, it said it had raised $30 million in a Series A round led by Mirae Asset, Syngenta Ventures, and existing investors Blume, Arkam Ventures, NABVENTURES, Prophetic Ventures and Better Capital.

Even the patron saint of teenage girls, Judy Blume, is featured on the back cover with a blurb for the book.

But Blume routinely eschewed offers for screenplay options to her books.

The book is also the only young adult novel Blume considers truly cinematic.

Iconic young adult author Judy Blume has sold more than 80 million books, but has never had a movie made of her work.

Yet, in the 41 years since she published her first book, Blume fans have never seen one of her stories make it to the big screen.

Robert Brown and Blume were already engaged upon the investigation of orchids, but they relied mainly on herbarium material.

According to Blume and Miquel, the species is only cultivated in Java.

Its name was Blume and I had some pleasant successes with him.

Blume, in his Rumphia, enumerates eighteen varieties in Java and the adjacent islands, and thirty-nine in the Philippines.

Look here, Mr. Blume, d'ye know you' oughter told me that long ago?