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  1. Nellie Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman, 1867–1922, U.S. journalist and social reformer.

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Example Sentences

Bly says that continued research into this relationship can help inform solutions.

In another life-changing assignment, Bly was sent on a trip around the globe in 1890.

But the world to which Bly had returned was a very different one.

Kittens have some such cunning ways, you know, but Nelly Bly was one of the knowingest and best.

That was just as he died, and you can figure out how long it prob'bly took him to make those eleven knife strokes.

Proba- bly there is not a book in the world entirely destitute 20 of truth, and not one entirely exempt from error.

We're ter'bly hungry, an' you want to know if the lady o' the house'll be good enough to help yer brother along.

He's been exposed already, by lookin' in to the feller's shanty, an's prob'bly hurt ez bad as he's goin' to be.





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