bo tree

[ boh ]
/ boʊ /


the pipal, or sacred fig tree, Ficus religiosa, of India, under which the founder of Buddhism is reputed to have attained the Enlightenment that constituted him the Buddha.

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Origin of bo tree

1860–65; partial translation of Sinhalese bogaha, equivalent to bo (< Pali bodhi < Sanskrit; see Bodhisattva) + gaha tree

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bo tree

/ (bəʊ) /


another name for the peepul

Word Origin for bo tree

C19: from Sinhalese, from Pali bodhitaru tree of wisdom, from Sanskrit bodhi wisdom, awakening; see Bodhisattva

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Word Origin and History for bo tree

bo tree


1680s, from Sinhalese bo, from Pali bodhi, short for bodhi-taru "bo tree," literally "tree of wisdom or enlightenment" (related to Sanskrit buddhah "awakened;" see bid) + taru "tree."

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