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board game


  1. a game, as checkers or chess, requiring the moving of pieces from one section of a board to another.
  2. any game played on a board.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of board game1

First recorded in 1930–35

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Example Sentences

Banking isn’t always fun, but the famous board game is, and the campaign brought consumers back to simpler times, less fraught, and emphasized teamwork and fun.

From Digiday

Traversing lands of candy, buying real estate, and spelling lengthy words are all fine board game premises.

The 2020 global pandemic might seem like an ideal time for new board game app releases, but the increasing development time for more complex games means we're going longer between initial announcements and final releases than we have before.

Also, DeepMind’s previous algorithm for mastering the board games, AlphaZero, started out knowing the rules, while MuZero does not.

From Fortune

She purchases puzzles, dolls, Lego sets, board games and other items her students have expressed an interest in.

The Monopoly-style “Ghettopoly” board game was drenched in racial stereotypes, and angered the NAACP.

A few weeks ago I was invited to a Soho loft for a board game day.

Although there is a Mississippi Paddleboat board game in which you can play as Samuel Clemens, river pilot.

After years of offensive and defensive board game moves, the generals feel powerless.

After four or more long years of offensive and defensive board game moves, the generals feel powerless.


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