[ boh-dee ]
/ ˈboʊ di /
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noun Buddhism.
supreme knowledge or enlightenment.
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Origin of bodhi

<Pali, Sanskrit
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What is Bodhi Day?

Bodhi Day is a Buddhist holiday commemorating the day on which Buddhists believe the Buddha gained enlightenment. The word bodhi means enlightenment.

Different Buddhists commemorate Buddha’s attainment of enlightenment on different days and in different ways, with some celebrating his birth, enlightenment, and death all on the same day. In Japan, the day commemorating his enlightenment is called Rohatsu.

Bodhi Day is often observed with special services at Buddhist temples. Some Buddhists commemorate the event by meditating, studying dharma, or having tea ceremonies with cake.

When is Bodhi Day?

In many places, Bodhi Day is always observed on December 8. In other places, its date is based on the Chinese lunar calendar, meaning it varies from year to year—the next Bodhi Day will occur on January 18, 2024.

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The word Buddha comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “awakened,” from the root budh-, “awaken, notice, understand.” The word bodhi derives from the same root.

Buddhist tradition varies in terms of the exact circumstances leading up to and at the time of Buddha’s enlightenment. Many accounts describe it as happening as the culmination of a lengthy session of meditation under a tree that’s now known as the Bodhi tree.

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Bodhi Day is observed in different ways in Buddhism, and some Buddhists celebrate Buddha’s enlightenment on different days altogether.

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The word bodhi means “enlightenment.”

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