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body heat

[ bod-ee heet ]


  1. Physiology. heat generated in the body of a living animal through processes such as metabolism and muscle activity:

    When body temperature is low, muscles can contract to produce body heat.

    A good down sleeping bag will provide insulation to keep your body heat from escaping if you’re winter camping.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of body heat1

First recorded in 1860–65

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Example Sentences

They do not acclimate as well to high temperatures, sweat less, and produce more body heat than adults.

One team proposed harnessing the body heat lost from passengers sitting in their seats to power the overhead lighting.

Air conditioners to lower body heat have been installed to help protect the 16th-century paintings.

Then she's almost as old as you were when you did Body Heat at the age of 25 yourself 30 years ago.

There certainly has been an arc to your film career, from Body Heat to Marley & Me.

His body heat produced the gas which was inhaled by the violinist in sufficient quantities to cause death.

The women here are so exquisitely receptive to it that when it is on their excitement causes changes in their body heat.

The body heat falls rapidly whilst in the water, and hence it is advisable to be in a glow before going in.

Blankets should be put around the patient and every possible means resorted to, to maintain body heat.

These things excite heart activity, which causes excessive body-heat.


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