[ bog-uh-mil ]

  1. a member of a dualistic sect, flourishing chiefly in Bulgaria in the Middle Ages, that rejected most of the Old Testament and was strongly anticlerical in polity.

Origin of Bogomil

1840–45; <Medieval Greek Bogómilos, from the name of a 10th cent. Bulgarian priest alleged to have founded the sect, in later South Slavic sources Bogomilŭ (a calque of Greek Theóphilos;see theo-, -phile)
  • Also Bog·o·mile [bog-uh-mahyl]. /ˈbɒg əˌmaɪl/.

Other words from Bogomil

  • Bog·o·mil·i·an, adjective
  • Bog·o·mil·ism, noun

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How to use Bogomil in a sentence

  • To add to the troubles of the Balkans, the Bogomil heresy appeared, dividing further the strength of the Bulgarian nation.

    Bulgaria | Frank Fox