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or bogie

[boh-gee; for 1, 2 also boo g-ee, boo-gee]
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noun, plural bo·gies.
  1. a hobgoblin; evil spirit.
  2. anything that haunts, frightens, annoys, or harasses.
  3. something that functions as a real or imagined barrier that must be overcome, bettered, etc.: Fear is the major bogy of novice mountain climbers. A speed of 40 knots is a bogy for motorboats.
  4. Military. bogey1(def 3).
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Also bo·gey (for defs 1–3).

Origin of bogy

1830–40; bog, variant of bug2 (noun) + -y2


noun, plural bo·gies.
  1. bogie1.
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hobgoblin, ogre, fright, bugbear, alarm, bogeyman, bogey, scare, goblin, specter, bogy, scarecrow, gremlin, apprehension, bugaboo, fear, dread, threat, terror, problem

Examples from the Web for bogy

Historical Examples of bogy

  • And I had nothing to eat, and I was so frightened—for she said there was a bogy there—that I nearly died.

    Sue, A Little Heroine

    L. T. Meade

  • Yet in the farmer's eye it was "shiftless" (the New Englander's bogy).

    Little Brothers of the Air

    Olive Thorne Miller

  • Do I hear a man speaking, or is it a boy, frightened by a bogy?

    A Chinese Command

    Harry Collingwood

  • Bogy, distributing his precious belongings in bits about the globe.

    Criminal Types

    V. M. Masten

  • Bogy, the personification of the aimless, senseless globe-trotter.

    Criminal Types

    V. M. Masten

British Dictionary definitions for bogy


noun plural -gies
  1. a variant spelling of bogey 1, bogie 1
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