[ bœm ]

  1. Do·mi·ni·kus [doh-mee-nee-koos], /doʊˈmi niˌkʊs/, 1880–1955, German architect.

  2. Ja·kob [yah-kawp]. /ˈyɑ kɔp/. Böhme, Jakob.

  1. Karl, 1894–1981, Austrian opera conductor.

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How to use Böhm in a sentence

  • And so, for about a week, not quite uncomfortably, he continues at Bohm Leipa; getting in his convoys from Zittau.

  • Bohm's a jolly old sort—and I tell you, you old sourbelly, you're letting this Southern moss grow over you a bit.

    Lady Baltimore | Owen Wister
  • "But there was nothing in it," I heard Charley's slow monologue continuing behind me to the silent Bohm.

    Lady Baltimore | Owen Wister
  • This experiment was so much a success that I promptly made another for the special benefit of Bohm, Kitty's next husband.

    Lady Baltimore | Owen Wister
  • This claim was one over which Owen and Bohm had been having a controversy for months.

    A Tenderfoot Bride | Clarice E. Richards

British Dictionary definitions for Böhm


/ (German bøːm) /

  1. Karl (karl). 1894–1981, Austrian orchestral conductor

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