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boil down


  1. to reduce or be reduced in quantity and usually altered in consistency by boiling

    to boil a liquid down to a thick glue

  2. boil down to
    1. intr to be the essential element in something
    2. tr to summarize; reduce to essentials

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Example Sentences

Valuing sex by only sheer physical pleasure is also an incredible narrow way to boil down a sexual experience.

The businesses go away for a lot of reasons, but all of them boil down to this: it's too expensive to do business in Newark.

Those people tend to ask vague, open-ended questions that boil down to what are you going to do for me about such and such?

But this is small ball compared to the major issues in your life, which boil down to: do people love me?

A lot of people think the games industry is going to boil down to mobile, small-scale distractions: Angry Birds, and the like.

As I was sitting on the ground by them next morning, lamenting I had nothing to boil down their blubber in, an idea struck me.

Boil down the syrup to half its original quantity, but take care that it does not boil long enough to congeal or become thick.

In a stew, on the contrary, you boil down this soup till it permeates the fibre which long exposure to heat has softened.

Put the bones back into the broth and let this boil down to three quarters of a pint.

Pick out the meat, boil down the shell, use the liquor for making the sauce with minced lobster, and buttered rolled flour.





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