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boak or bock

  1. to retch or vomit
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  1. a retch; vomiting fit
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Word Origin

Middle English bolken; related to belch, German bölken to roar
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Historical Examples

  • By my fayth (sayde he), thou shall swere so vpon this boke; and helde to her a boke.

    Shakespeare Jest-Books;


  • So she toke the boke in her hande and sayd: By this boke, syr, ye be a cokolde.

  • Eleven shillings were paid for the “Boke of Chivalrie” by Caxton.

    The Library

    Andrew Lang

  • In what place this Boke was translate and to what purpose it was translatyd.

  • The handelynge whereof Tulli wryteth in his boke of inuencion thus.