[ bohld-feyst ]

  1. impudent; brazen: He had the bold-faced effrontery to ask for a raise.

  2. Printing. (of type) having thick, heavy lines.

Origin of bold-faced

First recorded in 1585–95

Other words from bold-faced

  • bold-fac·ed·ly [bohld-fey-sid-lee, -feyst-], /ˈboʊldˌfeɪ sɪd li, -ˌfeɪst-/, adverb
  • bold-fac·ed·ness, noun

Words that may be confused with bold-faced

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How to use bold-faced in a sentence

  • But matters it seemed were not to stop here; for from every turning and from every door angry and bold-faced women emerged.

  • He had spent the afternoon reading a voluminous, neat, smoothly written, extremely convincing batch of bold-faced lies.

    Bear Trap | Alan Edward Nourse
  • It was covered with an announcement in heavy, bold-faced type.

  • Besides, Cooke had generally to represent bold-faced, aspiring art; and to hug himself in its triumph.

    The Town | Leigh Hunt
  • Who are those disreputable looking, bold-faced creatures that are making eyes at you?

    Figures of Earth | James Branch Cabell