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[ bohld-lee ]


  1. without hesitation or fear in the face of risk or danger; courageously:

    To those who so boldly fought and died for our freedom, I apologize that so many have thrown it away.

  2. without worrying about the opinion or judgment of others:

    He uttered his prayer loudly, boldly, not caring if the others overheard.

  3. without regard for the rules of propriety or morality; impudently or brazenly:

    The chutzpah it takes to lie so boldly is epic!

  4. in a way that goes beyond usual limits of conventional thought or action; in a visionary or imaginative way:

    The new concert hall demonstrates that an intimate musical experience and boldly innovative architecture need not be in conflict.

  5. in a way that is visually striking or arresting; in a showy or flashy way:

    The boldly striped entrance hall makes a dramatic opening statement in this home.

    The male is an attractive and boldly marked bird, while the female is comparatively drab.

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  • o·ver·bold·ly adverb
  • su·per·bold·ly adverb
  • un·bold·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Another option is to go with a bold pattern in a less expensive, easier-to-install material.

His two-year tenure has been marked by bold moves that have backfired.

Parade is a bold and expressive brand that’s seeking to rewrite the American underwear story.

From Fortune

The company’s bold move spurred an arms race, drawing in the rest of Silicon Valley and automakers the world over.

While an all-out elimination of the filibuster may ultimately prove too bold for Democrats to pursue, there are other tactics they may take to expand their power in government.

From Fortune

Tarkhan boldly claims that next he will bring the fight to Putin.

He experimented boldly without much regard for precedent or the status quo.

Yet Agency communications specialists are hardly exploring strange new worlds or boldly going where no man has gone before.

As Democrats we need to speak much more boldly about how we address inequality and not just pay lip service to these ideas.

Earlier this year, the rebels boldly stood up to AQ affiliates throughout Syria, but remain under vicious ISIS suicide attacks.

There is an odd triangular-shaped hill that rises on one side very boldly and abruptly, called the Fox's Head.

She has boldly reproduced upon canvas a fulness of life and joy, such as is rarely seen in pictures.

His only chance of ultimate recovery was to push boldly forward, and to betray no fear of failure.

Oliver coloured involuntarily to find that the old thief had been reading his thoughts; but boldly said, Yes, he did want to know.

Already the country was in eager expectation, and Bruce and the Bishop proceeded boldly to Scone.