bomb bay

nounAeronautics, Military.
  1. (in the fuselage of a bomber) the compartment in which bombs are carried and from which they are dropped.

Origin of bomb bay

First recorded in 1915–20

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How to use bomb bay in a sentence

  • In the Cold War, the Air Force developed the trapeze-launched Goblin, an ultracompact jet fighter that could ride inside the bomb bay of a nuclear-armed bomber to protect it from other fighter jets.

  • Craig knew it was a direct hit, apparently in the bomb bay, exploding the bombs carried there.

    The Lost Warship | Robert Moore Williams
  • If the bomb bay doors had opened it would have been the end of us as we were using the parachutes as pillows!

  • Then, while the co-pilot left his seat up front and started back to the seats near the bomb bay, Segador continued talking.

    The Five Arrows | Allan Chase
  • Then, as though still in a trance, Dawson reached out and pushed the button that closed the bomb-bay doors.

    Dave Dawson at Truk | Robert Sydney Bowen
  • Half frozen with fear, he stood gaping at the bomb-bay opening down through which the flaming mail bag had just disappeared.

    Dave Dawson at Truk | Robert Sydney Bowen