[ bom-proof ]


  1. strong enough to resist the impact and explosive force of bombs or shells:

    a bombproof shelter.

verb (used with object)

  1. to make bombproof.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bombproof1

First recorded in 1695–1705; bomb + -proof

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Example Sentences

On this kind of terrain, you don’t need shoes with the burliest outsoles or the most bombproof uppers.

Out on the water, the 12-foot-long boat didn’t feel like the most bombproof, rugged vessel I’d ever paddled, but this model—the Beach LT—is specifically designed for calm aquatic environments.

During my time as a travel editor and gear reviewer, I’ve tested more than half a dozen Eagle Creek offerings, including the bombproof Cargo Hauler duffel, the versatile Switchback carry-on, and the smart Wayfinder backpack.

As soon as we’d gotten our small but bombproof mountaineering tent set up and anchored in the snow at Lake Helen, on California’s Mount Shasta, we discovered that the tent was designed for two regular-size 20-inch-wide sleeping pads.

Cooper, who worked closely with Ailes at the time, was with him at the News Corp. building when he requested the bombproof glass.

You'd turn up your pretty little nose, and accept the arm of some damned bombproof—Look out!

As I waded through the mud to go down into the bombproof, it struck me uneasily that our officers glanced at each other.

We lie down on the benches in the bombproof, with our clothes on, with the dirty blankets over us.

Vergor, with other officers and Le Loutre, was in the second bombproof.

I sat one night in the bombproof of an advanced position on the Sveta Maria, near Tolmein.





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