[ bon-duh-buhl ]


  1. able to be connected or joined:

    This composite is a bondable, biocompatible, translucent, and easy-to-use reinforced ribbon.

  2. connecting or adhering different materials:

    You can use a bondable adhesive if you don’t want to sew the patches on.

  3. Insurance. able to be insured as trustworthy under a bond or surety agreement:

    All applicants must be bondable and pass a criminal background check.

  4. Finance. (of a debt, business, etc.) able to be secured by bonds:

    The company is financially strong, bondable, and involved in a variety of commercial projects.

    Voters have passed a measure requiring voter approval of all bondable construction costs before construction can begin.

  5. Law. (of a criminal charge) allowing for a perpetrator’s release on payment of bail or personal surety:

    I learned from my stint at the county jail that theft of property and possession of burglary tools are both bondable charges.

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Other Words From

  • bond·a·bil·i·ty [bon-d, uh, -, bil, -i-tee], noun
  • un·bond·a·ble adjective

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Example Sentences

Tom and Emily had a strong father-daughter bond that stemmed from their love of sports.

Those firms currently handle only 4% of corporate investment-grade bond issues.

From Fortune

The relative amounts of those two structures, which result from different arrangements of hydrogen bonds between the molecules, would change as the temperature changes, explaining why water behaves strangely as it is cooled.

Pick this up for Selenka, the pack alpha who finds an instant mating bond with Ethan.

Border Patrol has been attending hearings for people who were charged with misdemeanors for entering the country illegally, but had posted bond and were not in custody prior to the hearing.


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