bone-marrow transplant

[ bohn-mar-oh ]


  1. Surgery. a technique in which a small amount of bone marrow is withdrawn by a syringe from a donor's pelvic bone and injected into a patient whose ability to make new blood cells has been impaired by a disease, as anemia or cancer, or by exposure to radiation.

bone marrow transplant

  1. A technique in which bone marrow is transplanted from one individual to another, or removed from and transplanted to the same individual, in order to stimulate production of blood cells. It is used in the treatment of malignancies, certain forms of anemia, and immunologic deficiencies.

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Example Sentences

Puzey is strengthening his mind and body in preparation for a bone-marrow transplant.

For blood-cancer patients who are not responding to chemotherapy, a bone-marrow transplant is sometimes an option.

From Time

In August 2012, anchor Robin Roberts took a leave of absence for a bone marrow transplant.

Even the absence of co-anchor Robin Roberts, currently recuperating from a bone-marrow transplant, hasn't slowed GMA down.

By Election Day, I had been through a bone marrow transplant and was on the mend.





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