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noun plural boo·ties, boo·tys.
  1. Slang. the buttocks.
  2. Slang: Vulgar.
    1. the vulva and vagina.
    2. sexual intercourse.
    3. women regarded as sex objects.
  1. shake one's booty, Slang.
    1. to swing the hips and buttocks from side to side.
    2. to dance with energy and enthusiasm.
Also boo·dy [boo-dee, -tee] /ˈbu di, -ti/.

Origin of booty

1925–30; < obsolete Black English, perhaps alteration of body Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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noun plural -ties
  1. any valuable article or articles, esp when obtained as plunder

Word Origin for booty

C15: from Old French butin, from Middle Low German buite exchange; related to Old Norse býta to exchange, býti barter


  1. slang the buttocks

Word Origin for booty

C20: from butt 1 buttocks
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"plunder, gain, profit," mid-15c., from Old French butin "booty" (14c.), from a Germanic source akin to Middle Low German bute "exchange." Influenced in form and sense by boot (n.2) and in form by nouns ending in -y. Meaning "female body considered as a sex object" is 1920s, black slang.

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