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[ gawr-ee, gohr-ee ]


, gor·i·er, gor·i·est.
  1. covered or stained with gore; bloody.
  2. resembling gore.
  3. involving much bloodshed and violence:

    a gory battle.

  4. unpleasant or disagreeable:

    to reveal the gory details of a divorce.


/ ˈɡɔːrɪ /


  1. horrific or bloodthirsty

    a gory story

  2. involving bloodshed and killing

    a gory battle

  3. covered in gore

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Derived Forms

  • ˈgoriness, noun
  • ˈgorily, adverb

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Other Words From

  • gori·ly adverb
  • gori·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of gory1

First recorded in 1470–80; gore 1 + -y 1

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Example Sentences

As we pulled up to the gated facility, he told me that when he does bring visitors to the site—other researchers, students, or journalists like me, for instance—they often expect it to be disgusting, or gory, or terrifying.

Young-blood research, like some gory fairy tale, whispers to us that there could one day be a magic pill that can fix it all.

It’s dark, gory and bold in a way that now-adult fans of the “Castlevania” video games will appreciate.

Her love of the gloriously gory collides with reality when harrowing incidents begin happening in her small town.

From Time

Be sure to tune into this week’s episode to get the rest of the gory details.

Playful and gory, the cartoonish paintings of Dee Dee Ramone, bassist for The Ramones, are every bit as shocking as their creator.

We meet a worker named Joan, who tries to escape but is dragged back in after sustaining a gory walker bite on her arm.

His face is gory and pitted with deep shrapnel wounds and his injured hands drip blood on the rumpled woolen blankets.

Guinn is mercifully sparing with the gory details, though nothing can make them anything less than revolting.

To his credit, Rinella seems to realize that gory accounts of gutting and killing animals may be of limited interest.

This was the gory blade which they waved before their adversaries, and called the sword of justice.

The Duke's casque was beaten and gory, his long white pennon red-dyed, his horse wounded.

The ambition of the nobles failed of its object, when "the last of the barons" lay gory in his blood on the field of Tewkesbury.

With flashing eyes and swelling veins, he gazed upon the gory face.

Grim and gory, with the eyes picked out by the carrion birds, the frightful object rolled.


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