book out


  1. usually intr, adverb to leave or cause to leave a hotel

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Example Sentences

With a new book out on living the glamorous life—with ‘maj’ ease—the mega-stylist dishes on how far her life has come.

So say sorry to us immediately, and get your filthy book out of our country.

Wharton has written about his experiences alongside the young Prince in his new book Out in the Army.

My dad grabbed the book out of her hand and started reading it and telling my mom what feminism was.

A very small press, but it was important to finally get a book out.

As I wanted to rush the book out as quickly as possible, I didn't see why I should pamper them with type.

Thyrsis wished that he could have the book out of his mind for a month, so that he might be properly thrilled by this experience.

Her Bible was gone—the one book out of which she was learning the secret of happiness and patience.

The mate's dark lashes lifted a little in a superior way they had as he stuffed the book out of sight.

She also pulled another book out which fell open on the floor, shedding rose-leaves and tinsel.





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