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[bawr-aks, -uh ks, bohr-]
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noun, plural bo·rax·es, bo·ra·ces [bawr-uh-seez, bohr-] /ˈbɔr əˌsiz, ˈboʊr-/.
  1. a white, water-soluble powder or crystals, hydrated sodium borate, Na2B4O7⋅10H2O, occurring naturally or obtained from naturally occurring borates; tincal: used as a flux, cleansing agent, in the manufacture of glass, porcelain, and enamel, and in tanning.
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Origin of borax1

1350–1400; < Medieval Latindialectal Arabic būraq < Middle Persian būrag; replacing Middle English boras < Middle French < Medieval Latin borax


[bawr-aks, -uh ks, bohr-]
  1. cheap, showy, poorly made merchandise, especially cheaply built furniture of an undistinguished or heterogeneous style.
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Origin of borax2

An Americanism dating back to 1940–45; of uncertain origin
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noun plural -raxes or -races (-rəˌsiːz)
  1. Also called: tincal a soluble readily fusible white mineral consisting of impure hydrated disodium tetraborate in monoclinic crystalline form, occurring in alkaline soils and salt deposits. Formula: Na 2 B 4 O 7 .10H 2 O
  2. pure disodium tetraborate
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Word Origin

C14: from Old French boras, from Medieval Latin borax, from Arabic būraq, from Persian būrah
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Word Origin and History for borax


late 14c., from Anglo-French boras, from Medieval Latin baurach, from Arabic buraq, applied by the Arabs to various substances used as fluxes, probably from Persian burah. Originally obtained in Europe from the bed of salt lakes in Tibet.

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borax in Medicine


(bôrăks′, -əks)
  1. Sodium borate.
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borax in Science


  1. A white, crystalline powder and mineral used as an antiseptic, as a cleansing agent, and in fusing metals and making heat-resistant glass. The mineral is an ore of boron and also occurs in yellowish, blue, or green varieties. Chemical formula: Na2B4O7·10H2O.
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