[ bawr-dn ]


  1. Gail, 1801–74, U.S. inventor: developed technique for condensing milk.
  2. Lizzie (Andrew), 1860–1927, defendant in U.S. 1893 trial: acquitted of ax murder of father and stepmother.
  3. Sir Robert Laird [laird], 1854–1937, Canadian statesman: prime minister 1911–20.

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Example Sentences

Borden claimed that because one of the convictions was for reckless aggravated assault, it did not count as a violent felony.

“It is a very fluid situation and we may have a different proposal by tomorrow when we meet with the District,” Borden wrote.

Borden told KPBS in December the union would negotiate to keep all teachers employed even if they decline the vaccine.

As Borden noted in his presentation above, the high-tech patty is “crafted exclusively for McDonald’s, by McDonald’s,” which, when you think about it, is basically a contradiction.

Borden, however, shared results of a poll that suggest parents who think the district is moving too slow are in the minority.

One of these critics was William Borden, executive director of the congressional joint committee on atomic energy.

Andrew Borden, his two daughters, Lizzie and Emma, and his wife, Abby, lived in the stately abode at 92 Second Street.

The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast has a tendency to lose its guests in the middle of the night.

A Victorian-style couch now stands in the spot where Mr. Borden was killed while he napped.

After a decade of managing the Borden home, Wilber is chock-full of stories of hauntings and paranormal sightings.

But a small part of the domain of my ancestors is left, he said to his friend, John Borden.

No tenders had been finally accepted, and the new Administration of Premier Borden was free to frame its own policy.

Madam de Montmorency had in Borden a confidence to which her son at length became a victim.

Borden Rodman sent us some ducks; I remembered how you liked them, and I asked the others and cooked them myself.

Even Fanny, with her hair in disorder, was dancing an eccentric step with Borden Rodman.





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