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[bawr-juh, -zhuh; Italian bawr-jah]
  1. Ce·sa·re [che-zah-re] /ˈtʃɛ zɑ rɛ/, 1476?–1507, Italian cardinal, military leader, and politician.
  2. Lu·cre·zia [loo-kree-shuh, -zhuh; Italian loo-kre-tsyah] /luˈkri ʃə, -ʒə; Italian luˈkrɛ tsyɑ/, Duchess of Ferrara, 1480–1519, sister and political pawn of Cesare Borgia: patron of the arts.
  3. their fatherRo·dri·go [raw-dree-gaw] /rɔˈdri gɔ/. Alexander VI.
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Historical Examples of borgia

  • An eventful year in the history of the families of Sforza and Borgia was that year of grace 1497.

    The Shame of Motley

    Raphael Sabatini

  • It is a nice instance of how Borgia history has grown, and is still growing.

  • Who will ever question anything that is uttered against a Borgia?

  • If that is so, by what Borgia was the secret of its existence ever divulged?

  • By that time, of course, I knew for certain that it was the Borgia pearl that we were after.

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  1. Cesare (ˈtʃezare), son of Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI). 1475–1507, Italian cardinal, politician, and military leader; model for Machiavelli's The Prince
  2. his sister, Lucrezia (luˈkrɛttsja), daughter of Rodrigo Borgia. 1480–1519, Italian noblewoman. After her third marriage (1501), to the Duke of Ferrara, she became a patron of the arts and science
  3. Rodrigo (rodˈriɡo).See Alexander VI
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