[ bawr-is, bohr-, bor-; Russian buh-ryees ]


  1. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

Boris has mismanaged the pandemic, and broken promises to fishermen, musicians and other businesses currently cut out of Europe.

From Time

Survivors include a son, Boris, who according to the Art Newspaper was severely disabled.

Twenty years ago, on December 11th, Chechens heard that Russian President Boris Yeltsin had deployed tanks against them.

On Tuesday, two senior Kremlin officials, Vladimir Avdeyenko and Boris Rapoport, quit their jobs.

Each Soofa has a proper name – the one on Boston Common is called Boris.

“My esteemed mentor, Boris Fruman, showed us 100 slides of stills from films,” says Granik.

The British establishment was furious, and it was the irascible Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who lead the fight-back.

You are found in the library engaged in a bold flirtation with her Highness's son, Prince Boris.

Prince Boris stammered something, but the cruel light of triumph in his eyes belied his words.

For the man strolling directly towards the fountain was Prince Boris Mazaroff!

With youthful appetite Boris devoured coffee, tea, cakes and bread, his aunt watching all the while.

Boris's aunt had only just begun to give him an idea of her methods of conducting the estate when he began to yawn.





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