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  1. brought forth by birth.
  2. possessing from birth the quality, circumstances, or character stated: a born musician; a born fool.
  3. native to the locale stated; immigrated to the present place from the locale stated: a German-born scientist; a Chicago-born New Yorker.
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  1. a past participle of bear1.
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  1. born yesterday, naive; inexperienced: You can't fool me with that old trick—I wasn't born yesterday.
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Origin of born

before 1000; Middle English; Old English boren (past participle of beran to bear1), equivalent to bor- past participle stem + -en -en3
Related formspre·born, adjectiveself-born, adjective
Can be confusedborn borne (see usage note at bear1)

Usage note

See bear1.
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Related Words for born yesterday

childlike, green, gullible, innocent, unworldly, inexperience

British Dictionary definitions for born yesterday


  1. Max . 1882–1970, British nuclear physicist, born in Germany, noted for his fundamental contribution to quantum mechanics: Nobel prize for physics 1954
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  1. the past participle (in most passive uses) of bear 1 (def. 4)
  2. was not born yesterday is not gullible or foolish
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  1. possessing or appearing to have possessed certain qualities from birtha born musician
    1. being at birth in a particular social status or other condition as specifiedignobly born
    2. (in combination)lowborn
  2. in all one's born days informal so far in one's life
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Care should be taken not to use born where borne is intended: he had borne (not born) his ordeal with great courage; the following points should be borne in mind
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Word Origin and History for born yesterday


Old English boren, alternative past participle of beran (see bear (v.)). Distinction between born and borne is 17c.

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Idioms and Phrases with born yesterday

born yesterday

see not born yesterday.

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In addition to the idioms beginning with born

  • born and bred
  • born under a lucky star
  • born with a silver spoon
  • born yesterday

also see:

  • in all one's born days
  • not born yesterday
  • to the manner born
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