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  1. a specialist in botany.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of botanist1

1675–85; botan ( ism ) botany (< Greek botanismós, equivalent to botán ( ē ) plant + -ismos -ism ) + -ist

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Example Sentences

In my global exploits as a field botanist, I found that stranglers occupy the most extraordinary lifestyle of any trees on the planet, bar none!

Demand for ramps has grown so much in recent years that some botanists are concerned about overharvesting and sustainability of the plant.

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Bolomor Cave Neandertals probably ate fruit, nuts and seeds of plants that once grew in the area, says coauthor José Carrión, an evolutionary biologist and botanist at the University of Murcia.

In the few years since botanists discovered this anomaly, scientists worldwide have tried with no more than limited success to figure out how mistletoes pull off this trick.

The city had long drawn botanists of international standing.

“He heard I was coming and rolled over like a 2-month-old baby,” said Richard, a gray-bearded botanist from Staten Island.

The renowned 20th-century American botanist Luther Burbank first made a name for himself when he invented the Burbank potato.

In “Inverness,” a botanist finds something like faith through an encounter with an obsessed Loch Ness Monster hunter.

Herr Schleierer, a botanist, assured us that he once found upon one tree six and thirty different kinds of creepers and parasites.

It was dead, insofar as he knew, and apparently useless except perhaps as a club, but the botanist was delighted to receive it.

The whole procedure—taking the cosmic view—was almost pointless, but it would make the botanist happy, at least.

Named after Mr. Allan Cunningham, the botanist of the expedition.

A botanist of note, he had a remarkable conservatory where he cultivated geraniums only.


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