[ boo-shar ]


  1. (Louis) Hen·ri [lwee ah, n, -, ree], 1875–1960, French sculptor.

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Example Sentences

Bouchard’s logic for expanding the game’s definition of success was, of course, to keep players playing even after they’d beaten it.

In a bonus New York tribute that plays to Bouchard’s past strengths, the series is also a musical, featuring original songs belted by Tituss Burgess, Daveed Diggs and other A-list Broadway alums.

From Time

Bouchard said because the Fast and Furious investigation is continuing, the Justice Department has been tightlipped about it.

Mike Bouchard, a former ATF official, said Melson was being forced out without being given a chance to publicly defend himself.

A navy pinnace overhauled us here bringing Abbe Bouchard who had stayed behind in Cairo.

Turcas and Bouchard exchanged a glance, which rose suggestively from the top of the head of the seated vice-chief of staff.

"You could hardly reach Lanstron though you spent a queen's ransom," said Bouchard in his literal fashion.

After they had withdrawn, the look that passed between Turcas and Bouchard was a pointed question.

It was not for Bouchard to consider this desire of a chief of staff to deal with the case of a private in person as singular.