[ boo-lanzhuh-ree ]
/ bu lɛ̃ʒəˈri /
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noun, plural bou·lan·ge·ries [boo-lanzhuh-ree]. /bu lɛ̃ʒəˈri/. French.
a bakery that specializes in baking and selling bread.
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What does boulangerie mean?

A boulangerie is a bakery that mostly or only makes breads, especially French-style breads.

In France, where the word originated, a boulangerie can only hold that title if its bakers bake the bread on the premises, as opposed to selling bread baked elsewhere. Outside of France, bakeries are sometimes called boulangeries to suggest a French atmosphere or to indicate that they make French-style bread, such as baguettes.

Example: Visiting the local boulangerie to buy some freshly baked bread was a Sunday ritual for the family.

Where does boulangerie come from?

Boulangerie comes from the French boulanger, meaning “bread baker,” and the suffix –erie, which indicates a place of business. This suffix is found in a word for another type of French bakery, the patisserie, which specializes in French-style pastries and desserts.

While some bakeries sell both breads and pastries, bakeries in France often specialize as boulangeries or patisseries. When those names are used outside of France, the same separation often holds true. You can usually smell a true boulangerie even before you go inside, as the aroma of fresh loaves drifts from the ovens into the street. The image of a French person walking home with a baguette in their bag is a stereotype for a reason: fresh bread is a large part of the French diet and boulangeries are a big part of France’s food culture. Outside of France, a bakery called a boulangerie is the place to go if you’re looking for artisanal, French-style bread that’s higher in quality than the loaves you can get at the supermarket.

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What are some other forms of boulangerie?

  • boulangeries (plural)

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How is boulangerie used in real life?

Boulangeries are strongly associated with French culture. Outside of France, boulangeries are most popular in places with strong connections to France, such as New Orleans in the U.S. and Quebec, Canada.



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Before coming over for dinner, my sister stopped at the boulangerie and picked up some fresh steaks.

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