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bounty hunter


  1. a person who hunts outlaws or wild animals for the bounty offered for capturing or killing them.
  2. a person who seeks a reward for recovering valuable property.
  3. Slang. a salesman or agent who works for a fee or commission.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bounty hunter1

First recorded in 1955–60
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Example Sentences

His police-like uniform inspired a change to Minnesota law in 2015, restricting how much bounty hunters could dress like law enforcement.

As recently as a few months ago, Peters was tackling and tasing suspects as a bounty hunter.

The Daily Beast sent Peters a series of questions via email, including questions about his February arrest and whether he is still working as a bounty hunter.

The Mandalorian series follows a bounty hunter known as Mando, who is a member of a culture called the Mandalorians.

Their knowledge of edible plants, geographic features, and animal calls and tracks helped them survive as they fled slave catchers and bounty hunters.

A bounty hunter told AFP that the suspected Texan could very well be Everett Livvix of Robinson, Illinois.

The state of Idaho paid a bounty hunter to kill wolves in the Salmon River country.

The bounty hunter found his fandom through small appearances.

No German bounty hunter ever teamed up with a slave to kill wanted men and claim the reward for their corpses.

That raises the question of whether the killer was, or wanted to be, a bounty hunter.





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