/ ˈbaʊˌwaʊ; -ˈwaʊ /


  1. a child's word for dog
  2. an imitation of the bark of a dog


  1. intr to bark or imitate a dog's bark

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Example Sentences

When the risks and results of fighting are not equally distributed, we default to a world that delivers “Bow-wow POW.”

He then founded and managed the Sex Pistols, and worked with artists like Boy George, Adam Ant, and Bow Wow Wow.

"I'm going over to Mrs. Bow Wow's house to see if I can find the puppy dogs," he said.

I bellowed this at the top of my voice, in the vain endeavour to drown the ‘bow-wow-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo’ of the dogs.

Mew-Mew was so put out with the thought of Bow-Wow going away, that for a time she could not speak.

Then she went to the fire, and sat with her back to Bow-Wow, that he might not see her; and she began to wash her coat.

Mew-Mew did not mind that a bit, for she knew that Bow-Wow only said this when he felt vexed that he had not a nice white coat.