[ bou-erz ]


  1. Claude Ger·nade [zher-, nahd], 1878–1958, U.S. diplomat and historian.

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Example Sentences

At a subsequent meeting with GEPD, Bowers shared another state’s approach to the meaning of infiltration.

In the 1980s, Bowers was researching the history of the studio that made it, Thanhouser.

My immediate chief was a Lieutenant Colonel Verne L. Bowers, clearly picked out by Eisenhower as a highly talented staff officer.

There was an unexpected sequel to my time serving Colonel Bowers.

The few times Bowers had sex with Vidal was “pleasant, not mad love.”

As Vidal grew frailer, Bowers bought men round “to just sit with him.”

Like Justice Powell in Bowers, Justice Kennedy then changed his vote.

"'My manors, halls, and bowers shall still be open at my soveryne's will,'" chanted the boy.

Its shady bowers and pleasant walks made it a delightful place of resort,—especially toward the time of sunsetting.

He was dreaming, perchance, of the rosy bowers and the dark-eyed houris of Paradise.

A deeper spell had mastered me; and I lived only in those bowers where deeper passions spoke.

The elegant drawing-rooms were almost transformed into bowers of tropical bloom.