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/ bəʊlz /


    1. a game played on a bowling green in which a small bowl (the jack) is pitched from a mark and two opponents or opposing teams take turns to roll biased wooden bowls towards it, the object being to finish as near the jack as possible
    2. ( as modifier )

      a bowls tournament

  1. skittles or tenpin bowling

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Example Sentences

Stir in the frozen peas and chicken, taste for seasonings, and pour the mixture into six (2-cup) ovenproof serving bowls.

Two bowls were set before the infant—one containing gold and jewels, the other hot coals.

A boiling brew is scooped into makeshift bowls—hollowed out coconut halves.

Ancient bowls feature so-called “kill holes,” possibly to drain blood or allow a spirit to escape.

All that grows now is a beautiful double jasmine of which I have bowls full every day, and zinnias, ugly and useful.

The Chinese use a variety of pipes but all of them have small bowls for the tobacco.

They all had immense plates of rice, and little bowls full of curry; a few pieces of dried fish supplied the place of bread.

That drink wine in bowls, and anoint themselves with the best ointments: and they are not concerned for the affliction of Joseph.

On this sweet lawn the inmates and guests walked for sun and mellow air, and often played bowls at eventide.

They dress themselves up as beggars, with leathern wallets and wooden bowls.





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