box store


  1. a retail store that sells a limited assortment of basic grocery items, often, as at a warehouse, displayed in their original cartons in order to lower costs and prices.

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Example Sentences

They sold out quickly during pre-orders and aren’t likely to sit on the shelves of your local big box store any time this year.

The area is home to big box stores and industrial businesses bound by the San Diego River and the San Diego International Airport.

In addition, because plants are shipped directly to the customer from the greenhouse, they’re healthier upon arrival than those spend, on average, 4 weeks traveling from a greenhouse to a big box store before being sent to a customer’s home.

Early returns from big box stores opening up last month suggest that there is some measure of pent-up consumer demand for brands to capitalize on.

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Yet, big box stores were permitted to remain open during the entire shutdown and no one had any issue with that.

She appeared to be just a happy American consumer out shopping at a big-box store.

Going to Thanksgiving is like going to war; setting foot in a big-box store is like walking into World War Z.

Employees of the big box store are planning a national day of protest for higher wages.

He was making $14.25 an hour when he was fired, which is not a bad wage for a guy who moves boxes around at a big-box store.

They're a marketplace killer because their giant warehouses are vastly more efficient than even a big box store.





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