a slender wire nail having either a small, deep head or a projection to one side of the head end.

verb (used with object), brad·ded, brad·ding.

to fasten with brads.

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Origin of brad

1425–75; late Middle English brad, dialectal variant of Middle English brod(d) sprout, shoot, nail < Old Norse braddr, cognate with Old English brord spike (see braird)




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a small tapered nail having a small head that is either symmetrical or formed on one side only

Word Origin for brad

Old English brord point, prick; related to Old Norse broddr spike, sting, Old High German brort edge

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Word Origin and History for brad



"small wire nail," late 13c., brod, from Old Norse broddr "spike, point, arrow," from Proto-Germanic *brozda- (cf. Old English brord "point, prick, blade of grass," Old High German brort "point, edge, crown"), from PIE *bhrs-dh-, from root *bhars- "projectile, point, bristle" (see bristle (n.)).

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