[ breyd ]
/ breɪd /

verb (used with object)


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Origin of braid

before 950; Middle English braiden, breiden (v.), Old English bregdan to move quickly, move to and fro, weave; cognate with Old Norse bregtha, Dutch breien

Related formsbraid·er, nounwell-braid·ed, adjective

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/ (breɪd) /

verb (tr)

to interweave several strands of (hair, thread, etc); plait
to make by such weavingto braid a rope
to dress or bind (the hair) with a ribbon, etc
to decorate with an ornamental trim or borderto braid a skirt


a length of hair, fabric, etc, that has been braided; plait
narrow ornamental tape of woven silk, wool, etc
Derived Formsbraider, noun

Word Origin for braid

Old English bregdan to move suddenly, weave together; compare Old Norse bregtha, Old High German brettan to draw a sword




broadly; frankly

Word Origin for braid

Scot variant of broad

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