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/ ˈbreɪdɪd /


  1. (of a river or stream) flowing in several shallow interconnected channels separated by banks of deposited material

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Example Sentences

He often proved “more adept at the arts of diplomacy that then polished and gold-braided envoys of Europe.”

The fates of species are braided with feedback systems, complicated interactions, and co-dependencies.

(Maan) Braided and punished - Female soldier reprimanded after braiding her friend's hair in public.

The courtroom itself is surrounded by high cyclone fences, braided with coiled razor wire, and watched by heavily armed guards.

Pain and joy braided tightly together, that was what Petra craved.

Here it was allowed to grow, and as years went by it grew quite long, and was braided in two plaits down his back.

The fighting snakes hissed and thumped about, wound about each other like a braided rope.

Jess' chestnut hair was long and silky and nicely braided, but she never murmured as it came off too.

She has a gentle, serious face; her neatly braided hair and her black tippet inspire respect and sympathy.

She wore it braided and drawn over her forehead in a Swedish coil, rather severe in movement.





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